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Our Larger Than Life Engagement Shoot 🐘 💕

This past week has been the most amazing! We got together with our wedding photographer and did an elephant themed engagement shoot. Everyone who knows me knows that I have loved elephants ever since I was a little girl. I could name all the animals at the zoo but I couldn't say "elephant" so I'd call them "Agi" instead. I've always made up my own rules. So when it came to AJ and I's engagement shoot we thought there was no better way than to take pictures with these gorgeous creatures. Tai and Rosie were amazing. They are *bestest friends* and love each other dearly. Tai is actually a star from one of my favorite movies growing up featuring Bill Murry.

Larger Than Life (1996) Featuring Tai

Her favorite things are naps and eating (my spirit animal 100%). Check out how beautiful they looked with some behind the scene pictures we snapped on our phones. Stay tuned for photos and a link to our amazing photographer, Allison Jeffers' blog!

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