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Sweating for the Wedding: My Wedding Weight Loss Story

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

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You may have seen photos on my Instagram or TikTok comparing my engagement photos and wedding photos and the 80+ pound difference between them. If you haven't, don't worry because I'll be posting a few of them here. Any excuse to post wedding pictures, am I right? I went dress shopping in May 2019 with my maid of honor who has been my best friend since nursing school and my mother. I got lucky and found a shop that was size-inclusive. My amazing sales associate had measured me at a bridal size 16 but I definitely felt like I was busting at the seams compared to the size 18-20 pants I was wearing at the time. I found the dress I knew I wanted my future husband to see me in on our big day but I was so disappointed at how I had let myself go every time I looked in the mirror and looked at photos from that day. I was eating like crap, binging constantly and not addressing any of my emotional issues or my mental health. I think these pictures are proof that you can never really fully tell what's going on with someone just by looking at them.

It wasn't until November that year that I finally decided to do something about my weight. I had just started a new job working in the post-anesthesia unit in my dream workplace. Unfortunately, I had to wear the surgical scrubs provided by the hospital which have NO stretch. IYKYK. I finally had to face the fact that I was a 2X on my 4'11" frame. I finally decided to start a program and start working on losing weight. I had 5 months to lose as much as I could at that point. I started decreasing calories and tracking my food on a meal by meal basis. I would I was so excited. I was finally seeing a little bit of progress in things like my shoes fitting better, being able to wear my engagement ring, and I had a little bit more room in my scrubs each month. It wasn't until my (then) fiancé had to SHOW me photos from the day we got engaged for me to realize just how different my body was starting to look.

I was doing so great. I got bridal photos done and didn't hate them and was super excited to display them at the wedding for my guests to see how good I was doing, even though I refused to share or talk about my journey at that point other than my mom (who was on the same journey as me) and my photographer.

Bridal Portraits at Barr Mansion in Austin, Texas.

Then COVID19 hit. My future husband and I ended up sick and had to postpone the wedding. At this point I plateaued and my weight loss started decreasing as my sweatpants were getting tighter. I finally returned to work after being out for a month and still felt like I couldn't move like I used to (which wasn't much bc I hated exercise). I started getting back to normal and got back on track. If you've spoken with me you probably know my biggest downfall is getting sick. Usually, at that point, my progress unravels completely and I gain back 110% of the weight I had lost. Getting back on track is how I knew that something about this journey was different and that I had a real chance to change my life for good.

I went at it harder. I decided that I would decrease my caloric intake further and try to do more walking (shopping - haha). The weight started coming off a little faster and I felt so gratified. I continued to lose weight up until the wedding totaling 86 pounds in the span of a year. I was so excited considering the huge bump in the road I had faced.

80 Pound weight loss wedding dress bride
Finished Product
wedding dress alteration. what to do is you gain or lose weight for your wedding dress.
8 inches off each side

On final alterations, my tailor had to take in my dress 8 inches (on each side!) since the last time we had picked up the dress (February right before the original date) I couldn't believe it!