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Ten Random Facts About Me

Hi guys! My name is Katie and I'm the person behind the lens ☺️ I'm super bad at talking about myself ever since I was a child. Those "get up and tell the class three things about yourself" activities would make me so anxious I'd feel sick to my stomach. I've always been a little people shy and a LOT camera shy (as many of my clients say they are as well!) My job as a nurse has really gotten me out of my shell and so has my fiancé! Here's a few things about me that you may not know: 1. You probably already knew I am a nurse. I work in the intensive care unit in a very busy hospital. Working 3 days a week however gives me a lot of time to focus on family and friends.. and of course my passion, photography! 2. I have one dog and one cat. You may see them featured here and there on my feed and story. I love my fur babies. Leema is my German Shepherd Dog. Another fun fact: I named her after the Left Internal Mammory Artery since I'm a heart nurse (and apparently a HUGE nerd - haha) 3. I play four instruments but I always go back to my guitar. Music plays such a huge part in my life. I have music (unintentionally) assigned to each part and person in my life 🎶 4. I am bit of a foodie! If you are visiting San Antonio or just don't know any good places to try, I always have a few suggestions 😋 5. Unless it's Indian food. I can't. Even. 6. I am obsessed with elephants! Hence why my engagement photos were with my favorite elephants of all time (Tai and Rosie) 7. I am Texas born and raised. I am very proud of my southern roots. Everything's better in Texas 😉 8. I grew up half city and half country. I spent as much time at the mall with my friends as I did on the farm with the cows. 9. I love shooting at the range but I can't bring myself to kill any critters no matter how small they are 🙈 10. I could watch Dr. Pimple popper ALL DAY LONG. I love that stuff. The grosser the better

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